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Yes , Yes , Yes, finally after all these festive days some time to felt. I am not sure yet what it will be....... just work guided by my intuition.

 I just descided to start layering out wool and try to use all the "leftovers" I have collected last year. It grew into 2 boxes and I hope I can make 1 box afterwards. 

viltalakim, restjesdoos

A question to myy fellow felters: What do you normally do with all the leftover pieces of wool?

viltalakim, vilt felt, filzen, wol, wool

Feels good to felt again :) And I'll keep you updated about the result 

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Yes finally it was the wetting part day!! Luckily I didn’t have to do this all alone :) As imagine all this wool wet … what a weight it would get??? wel I can tell you I didn’t weight it but 20 kg was nothing,  carrying it with 2 people was heavy enoug….  but we managed.

Around 11 ‘o clock Reya and her daughter and Mariana Cilliberto came in and we started with, what plan I had… So we wetted the whole thing with hot water and pressing all the wool down.

viltalakim, Reya Veltman, Mariana Cilliberto me runningup and down the garden stairs to get hot water inside… first part of my workout today ;-)

viltalakim. raw wool, wol, fleece

The weather was nice , but way to much wind so we had to cover it with plastic. So finallay everything was wetted and liters of hot water were poored out. Now the next step: rolling the wool so it started to entangle.

viltalakim, wool, raw wool

Unfortunately Reya had to go home again, but before she left she took a great picture of Mariana and me , Thank you very much for that and ofcourse for your help!!


I wanted to add a layer of fabric underneath just to make sure.  As I wasn’t conficdent my first 2 layesr of wool were thick enough to carry al l the weight of the locks.

viltalakim,adding fabric ad backing

So we unrolled the piece “upside down”and “Voila” the locks were down. On the  fabric we placed a very thins layer of Gotland wool and oh boy was that diffycult to do. we had such a strong wind today…

After rolling it at the table, I decided to try and add the roll behind my Bicycle… something I have been thinking about for a week or so, inspired by the Mongolian people whom add their felt bundle behind a horse.

viltalakim, felting, vilten,  So I took my bicycle, the roll, a (bamboo) stick, some antislip cloth and a rope , adding it together and attached it to my bike

viltalakim, felting, vilten, fiets Let’s try…. oef heavy …..

viltalakim, vilten,

I came about 5 meters and them my bundel got mixed up with the ropes, so we had to think of something to improve. I saw a solution in adding another stick to keep the ropes at a certain distance , using my florist tape for that :)

viltalakim, vilten, raw wool project And a new try  ….

Viltalakim, bike, fiets and it worked!!!!  Mariana also gave it a try and after opening it we pakced it all agai n and I cycled a little block: my  street little flat, a street upwards and a street downwards :) It worked just the corners were a little diffycult. One tip for you all whom are going to try this too, make sure You’ll not be seen by police as ofcourse this is too dangerous for when other cyclers or traffic wants to pass. I got a warning from someone for that….

After a block I unrolled it and rolled it into the other directions so every side was going to be felted. My kids and her friends wanted to help too se we did a fleting dance on the rug they loved it, “more soap , more soap Kim!! “

 And then finally the rinsing part  let’s see if it it felted well enoug…..viltalakim, washing, felt, woolI hope I can show you the final dry result…

viltalakim, felt, vilt

will be continued….



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For today this is my workspace:

viltalakim, felting, vilten, wool, wol, buiten, tuin

It feels so good to be working outside…  end the feeling gets even better when I hear this  at the radio:” the weather today will be grey , cloudy but in Limburg (my area)  sometimes sun… ” well to be honest I had sunshine all day :)

At my 2 terrace tables  ca 1 kg of carded Swedish Gotland wool… placed them in 2 layers.. raw wool will follow soon after I picked up the kids from school

viltalakim, kim nijsten, ruwe wol, rawwool, wol, lente

Feeling a super lucky girl.. ahum woman, hihihi

Fingers crossed I  will be able to  finish with placing the wools, before darkness.. the wetting part will be a task for tomorrow I think…  let’s hope I can finish this huge piece on my own..


I know it is Tuesday today but unfortunately so many things happened last week I wasn again not able to complete the stitch I’ll try to get on track soon I promise…

Last Sunday I was at a music concourse, my oldest had to play in front of a jury  and thought why don;t I take something along to do?  not a difficult question as I just found this tutorial:

crochetting a simple  flower  / bloemetje haken

So I started crocheting and look at the result… I think 17  were made while I listened to the different performances.

viltalakim, bloemetjes, haken, crocheting, flowers

Today I went to Amsterdam to a stadion called  the “Arena”  a strike was organised there 50.000 teachers were there. 550 buses from all places of the country drove to it… I sat more hours in the bus than in that Arena, but it was all for a good case: trying to stop the plans of  our minister of education .. On our way back we sadly heard on the radio she still thinks here plans will be super and better for the education :(  I would love to take her along for a week in our job….

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Hehe I finally managed to start felting again…I really missed doing so, silly me no? But life (read teachers job and family)  just catches up sometimes. That’s ok. but let’s hope not every week (the job part)

Anyway as I am planning to give a workshop in the FABLAB  Zuid limburg in Maastricht on Tuesday evening  February 14th,   I wanted to make another funny hat shape so I started making a resist, layering wool over it at both sides and decorating it in the Carnival colors…. 

But my time run out again so this is how it looks today on my table.

viltalakim, wool, fibers, vilt, felt,

 Let’s hope I can continue working on this one in the evening. would love to see if I calculated everything right.. as I am doubting a little about its finished height….. fingers crossed.

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz, wol, wool, wolle, felting, vilten

In this case I love knowing there will be a piece waiting for me to be finished,  as only the wetfelting  part is left to do. playing with water and soap :)

oh and I have added some more feltingworkshops to my planning:  you can find them here

Enjoy your Monday!!

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