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Yesterday September 14th the shop of Craftst and Co finally opened. The concept is that artists can rent 3 m2 , present their works on that space and leave it there during the  6 days of the week the shop is open. Good thing is as we are with many we don;t have to be in the shop ourselves every day, but approximately 3 days a month. 

I am very excited  and hope i 'll be able to sell good there. Feels great being a member of such project

CRAFTS & CO Handmade Goods

sint Pieterstraat 72 in Maastricht 

The persons whom thought this out is Joemon en Peggy Thekkaekurikattukunnal-Braeken.

We had a few opening speeches from 3 other people and the last one did a special meditation session  and made us all stand in a huge circle :)

Then we were officially open  :)  Here is my table

viltalakim, craftsandco, vilt, felt, filz  

Vieuw form the other side

viltalakim, Craftsandco handmade goods

carftsandco, Maastricht

Behind my place , notice little of  the loom in the left 

Today I'll be going there again from 12 til 17h . Hope to see you there!

Other days I'll be there myself in September; 

Wednesday 18th

Friday  27th from 14.h

Saturday 28th 

Opening hours: 

MOnday closed

Tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays, fridays from 9.30- 17.30 h

Saturdays  from 9.30-17.00 h

Sundays    from 12.00- 17.00h

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For last weekend I planned to do some natural dyeing as I had silk, and natural dyes from Vasudevan. I thought a quick job, but how wrong could I be?

First I cut and torn all the silk fabric I had then I sort of hemmed all the edges..... that took a lot of time, but I wanted to do so before dyeing. Unfortunately I couldn't find any silk sewing thread so I used cotton (which doesnot take color as fast as silk)

viltalakim, eucalypthus, dye

I made a new dyepot with dried Eucalypthus I had here laying ... After making this I read in the book form India Flint. I better should have left it soaking in cold water first for a night....  but this worked too. I cut the stems and leaves and let them heat up to 80 degrees for an hour , added very little vinger to it as the water might be not neutral here in my region. Then I used a netting over another pot  to get all the plant material out of the dye. 

viltalakim, natural dyeing, Eucalypthus

Emptied the used pot and added again a net and added the dyewater back in the pot used.  Then I added the scarf let it simmer for one hour and then I turned it off and let it cooled down. 

Lily of the Valley leaves, Solidago, viltalakim

I picked some Convallaria majalis ( Lily of the Valley)  leaves, and also some Solidago, I want a yellow / greenish dyebath and also want to see the difference between the two. The Covallaria bath was used with one scarf which I simmered first and then let cool down during the night... the result wasn't green, but soft yellow. I dipped it in the red dye and left it there during the day. 

viltalakim geel

The other dye baths were already made by Vasudevan for the workshop in June here. One was made with Pathimugam = Ceasalpinia coriaria and was first orange but after adding  alum as mordant it got dark orange, 

The other dye was giving me a grey color  coming from:  Terminalia chebula 

These natural resources are also used as intaking medicins in the Ayurveda (ancient Indian school of medicine) treatments.

Well time to show off some scarfs, I used chiffon silk and ponge silk

Before and after I dipped them in the dye for at least half an hour the scrafs looked like this: 

viltalakim ,

and after drying and opening them:

viltalakim. naturaldyeing, verven, silk, zijde


after dyeing in Terminalia chebula 


a mixed dip in Caesalpinia coriaria with and without mordant same like the other 2 below this text.


viltalakim, natural dyeing

After dyeing in Caesalpinia coriaria

 viltalakim, sjaal

After dyeing  in the  Eucalypthusbath

 viltalakim sjaal

A combinattion in two dyebaths

 viltalakim, natural deying  

A nice collection so far.....

viltalakim, silk, zijde, verven, plantaardig

This was the last scarf in this session...  I stil have plenty of dyes, I need to buy new silk.... 

viltalakim, dyepots, dyebaths, solidago , verven

My dye space is outside using one electrical pit.

One is sold already :) and maybee one more to go 

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Yesterday eve I finally dyed my white dress, for the flower parade I wil attemp at the end of this week. The theme is "flower power" and that fits perfectly to this tie-dye technique I think. 

So I bundled glassstone stars in it, tied it all and started dyeing..... hoping all the materials in this dress would absorb  the colors. 

Last picture is not a very good one, but wil make a better one later on the day

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These last few days of my vacation, I try to finish as many things as possible. 

My husband is helping me to get the furniture I might need in the shop painted in white. As I don't  have a definite plan so far, about my set -up.  Depens on where i'll be standing in the building etc.  I thought better (let)  more things painted white as too few... 

Also my other projects are still asking time. I have the interior project for which raw wool needs to be bought, washed and a bigger problem: also dried.... I can hardly find a proper space to get it dry ....  and after that where to storage it?

mergelland wol

bought 17 new fleeces, a kid passing by thought it was chicken... :)

viltalakim, raw wool, washing, wol wassen  

my 3 washing tubs, and in front and back wool drying 

drying the wool, viltalakim

I added plastic boxes upside down, they let in air from the bottum so the wool can dry

I asked a grocery store for vergetable cardboard boxes and I now use them as storage for the dried wool. It would be a pity to add all the wool back in a plastic garbage bag again plus this is easier to make a huge pile...

Another project is a jacket for a wedding on September 14th.  I'll only show you one picture as i don;t want to show the rest yet.. I wil use chiffon silk and 2 layers of merinowool.... pictures of the result be posted here after the wedding  i think.

viltalakim, gillet, vilt, wol

The beginning, calculating how big my felt needs to be..... 

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Sinds het nieuwe jaar gestart is kriebelde het bij mij om weer eens te verven. Dit keer niet zomaar iets verven om te verven en voor de techniek, maar gericht in bepaalde kleuren en voor een bepaald doel. Dus eerst naar de vrijdags markt in Maastricht gegaan om daar dunne katoen/ kaasdoek te kopen. De doek heb ik eerst gedeeld, zodat ik uiteindelijk 6 stukken van ca 200cm lang en 50 cm breed kreeg. 

viltalakim, verven

Ever since the new year started i felt like dyeing. But this time not only for the technique or dying proces, but this time with a goal and purpose for the fabric. So I went to the weekly market on Friday in Maastricht and bought 4 meters of cheesecloths (plain openweaved  cotton). This fabric I split into 6 same seized pieces, so I ended up with 6 pieces of 2.00m  long and 0,50 m wide .

viltalakim, vilt, tie-dye

Na het wassen in water en drogen heb ik dan toch maar eerst de randen af "ge-zig-zagged" en randjes daarna netjes geknipt en de stof gestreken. Dag later: eindelijk klaar voor het shibori werk :) De doeken heb ik op verschillende manieren gevouwen en daarna met een rijgsteek bewerkt of stenen of dikke knikkers  erin gewikkeld en afgebonden. Zie foto's .


After washing the fabric first and drying it, I hemphed it by "zigzag"(?) the edges with my old sewingmachine. Day later: I was finally done with preparations. Time for the shibori and tying. The pieces I folded on different ways so the effect would also be different. I sow by hand with a runner stitch and added glassballs, marbles, stones into the fabric too, tying it securely off. See pictures


Deel van de collectie voor het verven / part of the collection before dyeing

Volgende stap het verven zelf :) Handschoenenen schort aan en een verfbad maken waarin ik dan telkens 2 lappen stof tegelijk in gelegd heb. Dit moest 20 minuten sudderen, dan eruit halen en uitspoelen met water. Geduld is een mooie zaak ;-)

viltalakim, katoen verven

Next step was the dyeing part. Time for gloves and an apron for protection. I solved the dye as was written on the instruction and added 2 pieces of fabric to it at a time. This had to simmer for about 20 minutes, take it out and rinse it with water. Patience is a good thing;-) 

Maar het resultaat na het verven is hartstikke verrassend, wat zal het zijn geworden???

The result after dyeing it always a surprise.... how will it be??? 

viltalakim, verven, textiel

een stuk met shibori = rijgsteek naaien / one piece with shibori = running stitch

viltalakim, katoen

een stuk met afbinden met en zonder  stenen / a piece which I tied with and without stones

Het laatste stukje extra stof dat ik ook nog snel wilde verven was deze. Helemaal vastgebonden en dan in 3 verschillende kleuren laten hangen. 

As I had dye left I searched for the same kind of fabric and found this small part. Tied it and added it into the 3 different dyebaths.  

viltalakim, dyeing, verven, textiel

Mijn dochter ging net naar bed, maar wilde het resultaat ook zien"mama mag ik nog even helpen?? "

My daughter was about to go to sleep but was very curious too.. "May I open it up Mummy? "   

Het resultaat is ok, niet zo felgekleurd. Wellicht had ik het er langer in moeten laten hangen en alle verfbaden weer moeten opwarmen, of was de verf toch al ver op. Maar dit is prima zo, nog geen idee wat ik met deze ga doen, maar ik geloof dat mijn dochter dat al wel weet ;-)  

The result is ok, not as bright coloured as the other fabrics. Maybee I should of left it longer in the dye or reheated the dyes again, or maybee the dye was just used too often... but nevertheless it is a nice piece, Not sure yet what to make/ do with it, but i think my duaghter already knows ;-)  

viltalakim, tie-dye

De volgende blogpost zal gaan over de resultaten van de andere verfbaden... wordt vervolgt

Next post will be for the other dyebaths  results , stay tuned ;-)

Ps. Op zondag 28 April komt Vasudevan van de Tasara weaving centre uit India hier een 1 daagse workshop Shibori op zijde geven, tevens andere workshops, zie mijn workshop schema, Geef je snel op vol = vol!!

PS.on Sunday 28th of April , Vasudevan from the Tasara weaving centre, will be giving a 1 day workshop shibori on silk here at my place, see my workshop schedule.   if you want to participate , please subscribe for it as there are only a certain places available

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