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On Tuesdays it is normally flickr favourits, but for today I just use my own pictures so a photo favorite blog.

viltalakim flowers, blossom, mosaic

my garden

These are all blossoms of trees, not all of them will give fruit but I just love them.

garden, tuin, viltalakim, kim nijsten

bulb flowers

So tomorrow and Thursday I´ll be working with bulbflowers…. most of them Hyacinths, but also Tulips and Daffodils.  Looking forward to it.  See you later!!

, Hide

Today I felt like making a moasic again.  Note: I didn´t make these pictures others did, Links are at the bottom of the post.  Vandaag had ik weer eens zin om een mooie foto  mosaiek te maken. NB: Ik heb deze foto’s niet gemaakt dat hebben anderen gedaan. Wie? Staat erbij.


1. Spring, 2. another side etc.,, 3. Felt Flower Keychains Galore, 4. My heart in a box



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