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Note: pictures are not taken by me but by others see the links here:
1. Seed Pod, 2. Seed pod 1, 3. Seed pods…, 4. Seeds……..

It is that season again for collecting seeds for next year… have you ever seen so many beautiful structures ? These seeds don’t grow in my garden, most of them are tropical (I think) and I was actually looking for the name of this “seed pod I saw in India…. If you know its name I’d be very happy and grateful!

viltalakim,Kerala, India, Seed, pod

more mosaics can be found at Mitsy’s blog.

Have a good day!!

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1. Shibori Samples 1, 2. Shibori, 3. Indigo Shibori, 4. Mandala Azul – Maki-Age Challenge

Shibori made by others with way more experience than me :)   Mine are dyed last night… hope to have time soon, to reviel them and see the results. Guess what color my testpieces will be? I´ll show them tomorrow okay?

See more flickr favourits at  Artmind etcetera blog.

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This week I´ll not be felting, I will be busy with preparing a communion party for our  youngest daughter, fingers crossed we will have dry weather so all our guests can spread through the garden …

Check out Mitsy´s blog and find more beautiful favorites and accidentally the theme is garden party:)


No need to say much: my kids during easter :)  

more mosaics can be foud  from Mitsy´s blog.

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For today I made  another flower mosaic with pics made by me at the Keukenhof in Lisse. This place is planted with loads and loads of (mostly) bulbflowers and is open for only 2 months a year .  The pics I took of the Tulips are from new breeds, ain’t they beautyfull?

Wanna see more mosaics? Please visit Mitsy’s blog.  

This is the way the new Tulips were presented, all planted in ground beds inside a large building, stunning vieuw.

Frittellaria also a bulb flower, needs a very hot base for it’s bulbroots to flower again next year.



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