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Kerststol = Christmas bread

Yesterday evening a colleque of mine  offered us a workshop Baking Christmas bread. Here in The Netherlands we have this tradition  to make this kind of luxary bread  especially for  Holy days as that was a real treat compared to the days people only had plain bread. It has raisins, currants, sugar dried fruit , nuts and if people had a little more money almond paste was also included, jummy!!

So I took of with a friend of mine and drove to my work, not my own classroom, but the classroomkitchen of my colleque. He explained everystep and we started collecting our extra filling: hazelnuts, raisins, currants, etc.

kerststol vulling, recipe

After that we got 600 gram of dough in which we had to add the extra filling. Hard kneading:) I made 4 breads… One for my parents, one to take to Sweden, one for a colleque of mine and one to eat before christmas :)

dough with raisins

The dough which was filled with the extra’s needed to rise  for 15 minutes under plastic. They became a third to a half bigger.

After the first rise we had to press it flat and make with two fingers a fold at one side and then we started rolling the dough as tight as possible with only or thumbs making sure we kept our hands flat to the table as otherwise the bread gets “wings”.

hands dough

The pointed”dough get another 15 minutes  rise under the plastic and we prepared the almondpaste. He said to take 200gram for each bread, but as I really like almondpaste I added a little more:) After we had our amounts we rolled the paste on wet towel so it got  a stick -like -form.

The almond paste was now ready to be inserted into the dough. Therefor we took our dough, turned it upside down,  rolled it out with a wooden stick and made a little ‘hole’ in the middle  at that pace where the almonspaste was going to come. After we placed our roll of almondpaste in the right spot we just wrapped the dough over it and secured the sides, by pressing it down. Making sure the dough was tights around the almond and not too much at the side as otherwise it would melt and drip out of your bread while baking.

Now the dough got a last and final rise  of 45 minutes, before putting them in the oven. A nice time to take a break and something to drink:)

So here they go they stayed in the oven for about 40 minutes…

Oh you should be able to smell this!!!!! Jummy.  So now they are baked, but not jet ready…. now that the breads are warm they are ‘sauced’ with melted dairy butter (gesmolten roomboter). Look at the glaze:

After that they needed to cool down so we took them outside:

As you can see we had some snow further away from the building:) and cooling down went quite fast as the temperature outside was below zero degrees Celsius.

And voila finished, but still warm… my colleque advised us to place them in our car with the boxes open… can you imagine how my car smelled like???

At home I really couldn’t resits anymore and cut  a slice of  to taste…. three of the Christmasbreads went into my freezer this morning:)

I have the recipe too, but in Dutch, but if you are interested, just ask, okay?

I blogged the recipe today so you can find it here:

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