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New slippers

Warm slippers are a must during winter time. You wil barely see me walking barefoot in the house then as we have aan old house the flloor is always cold. Great for summerdays but not during colder days. 

My felted slippers are about to fall apart. Even my kids like to wear them. This pair was made in summer 2011 while I was at the Tasara weaving centre I made them with white wool and afterwards they dyed them for me. A local shoe maker added some soles under it , just before I flew home.

viltalakim, slofen

The next pair I made was also in the same weaving centre but in 2012. And this time I added leather under it. That really helped a lot too, to keep the slippers in good condition. What i did learn form the leather part is that next tiem i better cut teh leather little bigger so my threads  will not touch the ground, becase of that  groung touching it now falls apart. I'll repair them again, so no worries they are stil perfect to use. 

viltalakim, sloffen

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt

But as I have plenty of ideas and materials I now wanted to make some thicker slippers. After clearing my table I felt finally free to make a pair for myself and guided a freind whom wanted to make slippers herself too. 

viltalakim, sloffen in wording, slippers

work in progress

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt, wol

ready but stil wet


the moring after...  I dreamt about makign shoes out of them so I can wear them the whole day also outside. ;-)

sloffen, viltalakim, kim Nijsten

I bet i'll add some more things to them, leather soles and maybee some embroidert too... these are going to last a loooong time . 




Before Christmastime

Wow time  flies!! The last few weeks were very hectic and I had lots of problem with my modem and computer, I hope all is fixed now so I can reply to mails quickly , write new post and so on. It did how ever gave me an earlier chance of decorating our Christmastree.

viltalakim, kerstboom, kerst, Christmastree

My teaching was fun but also different as normal as I planned many trips outside the classroom, more work for me to organise a bus, drivers etc, but definitely worth it. They learn so much from these things. Meanwhile I also worked for my shop. I made many many angels and after that my shop started running out of votivs so I felted them.

viltalakim, Angels, Guardian, engel, beschermengel, wol

viltalakim, angels, engeltjes

All of them were done, packed seperately and send off to Apeldoorn. More work as thought but fun to do.  

new wool , stock, viltalakim

Had to order new wool again and as they are so jummy to look at i started making new votivs with them too.

viltalakim, theelichthoesje

viltalakim, theelichthouders, vilt hoesje

viltalakim, vilten, theelichthoudertjes, kaarjes

And at Crafts and Co I gave a workshop how to make angels. Most of the ladies said "i am not creativ" but I always say every one is creativ and see the results. All very personal and unique. Well done ladies!! 

viltalakim, workshop, engelen

After working so hard and also a wisomtooth removed in the hospital I was "beaten"down with fever and flue. Christmas days were good and after taking enoug rest I now feel like felting again :)  

Wil update some new works here tomorrow I hope.. 

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viltalakim, engel, give away, adventkalender, samenspinsels

(English below) Vandaag ben ik aan de beurt  bij de samenspinsel adventbloghop en wil alle en nieuwe volgers van mijn blog en facebook pagina de kans geven  een van mijn laatst gemaakte  beschermengel (in doos) te winnen ter waarde van €14,95 plus verzending.  Super leuk om aan je dochter cadeau te doen, of aan je moeder die al alles heeft, maar nog net deze ene mooie engel mist in de boom, of gewoon lekker zelf houden mag natuurlijk ook. Wie kan er geen bescherm engel gebruiken???Je mag zelf nog aangeven welke kleur de engel mag zijn: wit, een blauwe, een rose/oranje , een rode achtige, een pastelkleurige. Zie voor de kleuren ook vorige post . 

viltalakim, give away, vilt, wol, engel, angel  

Wat moet je ervoor doen?

Deze give away is open voor iedereen van wereldwijd.. Maximaal 3 reacties (= 3 deelnames)  per deelnemer.  Zorg ervoor dat ik contact  met jou kan opnemen als je gewonnen hebt,  door bijvoorbeeld je email adres voluit te schrijven.

  • In commentaar/ reactie 1  Zeg je dat je mijn Facebook pagina. "Leuk vind" Klik op de onderstreepte worden en  , vink dan bij die pagina: vind ik leuk aan"( wanneer je dat al ooit gedaan hebt dan laat me dat weten)
  • In commentaar 2 Bezoek even mijn Etsy shop en laat mij in een reactie weten welk product je het leukste vind en welk product je nog mist.
  • In commentaar 3 Bekijk mijn workshops eens, wat zou jij graag eens willen leren vilten, bednke zekere ook iets wat ik nog niet aanbied ? Doe maar net of je bij me om de hoek woont en kunt komen ;-)

Deelname is mogelijk tot donderdag 5 december 24.00u. Ik zal dan een winner laten kiezen door gebruik te maken van de random generator. De winnaar zal ik op 6 december hier bekend maken en er ook contact mee opnemen via mail .

Heel veel succes! En bedankt voor je deelname. Blijf de adventboghop volgen, elke dag weer een leuke nieuwe verrassing!! 

viltalakim, engel, give away, adventkalender, samenspinsels


Today it is my turn in a virtual online advent kalender. I descided to do a give away  from one of my last made angels in a box. Which is worth € 14,95 plus shipping. You can tell me which colored one you want to win. 

Please read the following before participating

This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. You can  choose to make any entry, but maximum 3 (different) entries/ comments per person. MAke sure I can eaily contact you by example writing out your mailadres. 

Now what to do: 

  1. In comment 1 You go to Facebook and "like my viltalakimpage" (if you already follwed me before, or don;t have a fb account then just let me know in that comment too)
  2. In comment 2 you write what you like most in my Etsy shop  and what felted item you would like to see in my shop?
  3. In comment 3 I'd like to hear from you to what kind of feltingworkshop you would like to do? I WQOuld love to get an ide for a new felting worskhop to teach. I have a workshop list here , but they are in Dutch. 

This give away runs till december 5th 24.00h European time and the winner wil be randomly drawn using a random generator from, and will be announced on December 6th, here on my blog and be notified via email.

Good Luck! And thank you for particpating Keep on following the adventbloghop every day a nice new think to discover 

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and more….

I finally have a new modem soooo happy after one week being without.... Now I can add more pictures :)  

I bought cardboard boxes and cut out a shape and covered it with some of the florsity wrapping, from the inside, This way people can see what is inside without having to open the  box. 

A stamp of my shoplogo on the front side, the poem glued inside the box, my adress stamped inside and then finally added an angel. A lot of work , but it feels so good. 

viltalakim, kim nijsten, engel, beschermengel, wol, wool, angel

viltalakim, kim nijsten, engel, beschermengel, wol, wool, angel

These I made as trial but loved them so much I descided to make them also in Red

viltalakim, kim nijsten, engel, beschermengel, wol, wool, angel, reds, rood

After the reds, i was so enthusiastic I tried the pastel colors too. 

viltalakim, kim nijsten, engel, beschermengel, wol, wool, angel, purples, pastel colors

And last but not least, the White ones. more are on their way...

viltalakim, kim nijsten, engel, beschermengel, wol, wool, angel, wit, white

My price for one angel is € 14,95 incl a box. Prijs is €14,95 per stuk, incl doos

Shipping is in a flat enveloppe (i'll fold flat the box again) De engel wordt verzonden in een platte enveloppe

Netherlands: €2,75

Europe: € 4,75

Worldwide: € 5,-

Just contact me: 

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Yes I am going international with my felting workshops...  Germany, India, Sweden,, Belgium, Sounds good no? I hope to add more countries to it, as I like teaching and travelling too so a good combination. 

But to be honest, Belgium isn;t that far from my place... only 30 minutes drive. Today's destination was one town more far then where I held an exhibition in May. Only the trees looks different. Where back then in May the trees were fresh green, now they slowly turning yellow, red, brown and becoma empty before the winter is here...  Nervertheless, I am always feeling gratefull for the beautyfull area we live in and all the changes in nature per season. 

Kanne, Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne

At the place to be, were 8 children waiting for me to arrive. We had lots of fun while making 2 pieces of soap per person. Hopefully they wil once come to my place too, to do another workshop here. 

The results: 

viltalakim, , vilt, felt, soap, workshop

ps. the table had this great color...  but does now look little strange on the picture. 

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