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Yesterday it was a special Sunday, my sister’s oldest son did his Holy communion. Together with 46 other children in our village. The Harmony was guiding them with music into the church and as my husband is also with this group of musicians, as a marching instructor he was walking in front.

harmonie St Agnes

After the service at the church we had a nice lunch and soon after that I had to drive to another communion party in Vijlen. I am always amazed how nice that surrounding is, “hills”and nice views,  only 30 minutes from my place :)

At the communion party I was asked to give  a felting workshop with 2 children, 3 teenagers and 3 adults. I guided them in making a felted necklace.  Results were all different.

viltalakim, wool, felted, vilt, workshop

I packed all my things and drove back to my sister’s party. There I was also going to felt with the kids. When I cames there soo many kids were playing everywhere I first thought: “Help, ‘but then I just started and when there wasn’t a spot left at the table the others just had to wait. Many kids were younger than 8 years so I decided to make little soaps  with them and Oh boy did they and me enjoy!!

viltalakim. vilt, workshops

Me very concentrated didn’t even realised I  was felting with the kids and some adults,  for 3 hours at a stretch when it was dinner time.  Even burns my shoulders and when I took off my necklace in the evening you could even “see ” it on my skin…   This is how the table looked like whenI decided to quit

viltalakim, vilten , workshop

And to keep track of which soap was from whom, I wrote the name on a plastic bag and left it hanging in the sunshine, All kids were very happy with it and their parents very pleased.

viltalakim, vilt, felt, workshop At home I unloaded the car and put it inside, and sat down…  what a day! no need to say I slept like a princess :)

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As a felter I work with mostly wool. Wool which I normally buy in a shop. It is washed, carded and dyed.  Two years ago I learned how to felt with raw unwashed wool from Heidi Greb. And since that time I love to work with raw wool too.

Last december I did a presentation at a Pecha Kucha evening and one of the other speaker’s father had about 100 sheep to keep for “Limburgs landschap” a nature care organisation.  They have “Mergelland” sheep  a local breed of sheep which was nearly extinct some years ago, but because of their efforts now back to a good number. He said to me call me in March and you can join me one day. So I called and made an appointment.

Today was the Day! My husband, my oldest daughter, our niece and our nephew went along. I made sure to have something to eat and drink with us so nothing could be in our way of having a nice day. Even the weather was promissing a nice day: sunny and warm.

viltalakim, schapenscheren

The small group of sheep all with their wool still “on” and than we started shearing theis sheep with 2 people at the same time.  Soon our hands and arms felt like lanoline too, so soft , but sticky. Washed very easilyy off in some cold water.

viltalakim, fleece, mergelland

This was the coat of one sheep!! and as we shaved 3 sheep I was able to take one and a half fleece like this home :)

After we were done shearing we had some nice “Vlaai” to eat  and went off to take this small group to another place to stay. Kids and us after the sheep. They loved it!!

Bemelerberg, limburgs lanschap, stichting limburgsland

Our area is so beautyful and  stupid thing is: we always want to go far away, but we have so many nice things to see here as well….  should do this more often:  explore our area.

viltalakim, vilt, wol, mergellanschaap

We continued feeding the other flocks of sheep. These were with lambs, so cute . We had to catch 2 sheep , one needed medicine and the other needed to get her nails cut.

Kim Nijsten, viltalakim

Conclusion: we had a Super day :) everybody really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I ‘ll be going to felt in Germany… Cannot wait to get felting with these fleeces.

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Our special day

Instead of throwing a party for our 12,5 year wedding anniversary we decided to go out with the 4 of us; my husband and 2 daughters.

We wanted to go to a wildprak/ zoo in Belgium, Not too far away from out place so we took off to Aywaiile where the park was situated. Le Monde Sauvage  we paid for the entrance and ….. drove of  in the park

Monde sauvage


wildpark sauvage

monde sauvage

 Look!! A zebra!! so close to our car, Kids were really excited :)

monde sauvage

“Mummy close the window!!!! He is going to eat you!!  Now he/she can clean the window, hihii

 at the birdsshow: We never saw such a nice show with such huge birds eagles etc. After walking outside and seeing even more animals inside, we drove back to Maastricht an went to a Greek restaurant…

Nice end of a nice day.





Today we had a reception for the youth carnaval Prins, princess, the adjudant and their 11 guards (but this year 13) form Bunde, called” de Haverzekskes “  All the parents of the guards wanted to do something too, so we came together and started makinglittle “haver zakjes” = oat bags embroidered a H, a Z and the year onto it. Inside came a bag filled with some candy and the gift was a few hours bowling as a group all together. Besides that we also wanted to make it visuable we were the parents of this years “ haverzekskes” so I said I can make carnaval brooches….

So today I made 26 corsages…. my table looking like this:

and afterwards:

 the result: One red Gerbera, combined with a piece of a feather stole, cut into pieces, a  paper paper flute with wire in  a little piece of industrial felt plus 2 Hedera leaves. I wrapped the stem with plain hemp kind of rope same material they made the oat basg with.  corsage, bloem, gerbers, carnaval, fluitje

Unfortunately I forgot to make a picture of them all laying together as I was of course in a hurry to get them finished on time and to get myself dressed for the reception.

viltalakim,Kim nijsten, corsage, carnavalreceptie

All the others loved the corsage and we all got many compliments. So mission accomplished…

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A family walk

Months ago we set this date.. we are my parents, and my sisters. Trying to get together with 10 adults and 9 grandchildren is hard to plan,but we succeeded this time as we had a very good occasion:  My father  turned 60 last week.

So we drove to the “Sint Pieters berg” in Maastricht. On top of this “mountain”was a forest in which we played and walked very often when I was a child. Now we took our children there, amazing to see how the forest has grown and how much of the mountain was disappeared due to the “mergelwinning” (marl extraction ?) using the special “soil” to make concrete with it. 

Too bad the weather was not sunny at all..  clouds everywhere :(

enci groeve

enci groeve

My daughter climbed the first tree she saw which was “climb-able”, hihi not afraid of heights and the rest followed. (Hope they don;t mind me using this picture here.. otherwise I’ll delete it )

all grandchildren together

view towards Maastricht

View upon Chateau Neercanne ( = in Belgium) left side is Belgium and right from the castle is the Netherlands

When we were getting closer to the borderline with Belgium, Kids were wondering where that line was???  In the books/ maps you always see a red line!!  Did you know here in Europe we don’t have any border customs anymore? Well they have a very strict protocol at the airfields and harbours but not between the countries. So we walked without any problem to Belgium and back .

vieuw upon Neercanne, or Kanne a little Belgium village next to Maastricht

taking a break.... our legs hurt....

some info on the lookout point, but due to the mist we couldn't see a thing :(

duivels grot, devils cave...

and on our way back the sun came out!!

this was once a mountain.wwith many km of caves... now a huge open place

We finished this wonderfull day with having a  dinner at the house of my parents… going home with a blush on our cheeks and a filled tummy :)

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