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Our daughter Meg

Most of you probably know it already, our oldest daughter Meg has been hit by a car on Friday afternoon June 6th. She is stil (now a week after it happened ) in a very critical situation and fighting for her life. 

The doctors don't know the effect of her damaged brains. And as the brains are the most important part of a human body that is the main focus of the doctors, the other injuries are of less importance. . All we can do is wait,  hope, keep faith and pray for a miracle.

Please keep her in your thoughts by burning a candle or in your prayers.

Meg Nijsten

Meg we love you very much!!  <3 <3 <3 <3 

Armand Nijsten , Kim Nijsten and your younger sister Janna 

Due to this all planned workshops from Viltalakim and fairs etc are cancelled. 


On Sunday 20th of Jan it was finally The day!!  The day the whole village knew whom the new yought prince, prinsess and adjudant are for this years carnaval season. We already knew since dec 17th and it was very diffycult to not tell anyone. a week before we met the other parents of the prince and adjudant. Ohh boy were we excited that Sunday. Here that special moment of reveiling whom the new kids were. 

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung

haverzekskes, Bung, Bunde, carnaval, jeugdprinsenpaar   

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung, Bunde,

Adjudant Stan, Princess Meg and Prince Bas the third

carnaval, Haverzekskes, havermennekes, bunde

with the adult prince and princess

carnaval, haverzekskes

after getting all their decorations :

the prince his special hat and scepter

the princes her small crown and flowers to wear at her wrist

the adjudant his hat and wooden stick 

it was time to get the parents on stage and honour them with a medal and red shawl.

haverzekskes, bunde, bung

A sisters chat: "why didn't you tell me something before??? " 

Beppie Kraft , haverzekskes

a picture taken after a song with a famous local singer: Beppie Kraft 

raad van elf, haverzekskes, bunde

and a group picture with all the parents and children whom are in the guard of eleven. Wishing you all a very festiv an happy time upcoming weeks!! ALAAF!!

The website of this carnaval organisation with more pictures can be found here:  

or at a digital local newsite:

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Christmas 2012

We had 2  lovely Christmas days, my husband and youngest daughter prepared many course dinner starting at 14h lasted till 20h . I cannot say I was hungry after that ;-)  

I always love decorating my home for Christmas and even worked at a huge wreath for my gate/porch during these days, I couldn't sit idle.... 

my windowsill

Hope you had wonderfull days too and wishing you a very healthy, feltfull and lucky 2013

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vacation 3 blockprinting

As promissed I will write again about my vacation as I also learned new things there. This post will be about blockprinting. Even my kids made their own pieces.

 After making a piece of cotton Meg got very enthousiastic  and also printed her own pants :)


Stamps which one to choose?blocks

Me still block p[rinting while M-T just finished her Batik piece

block printing, Tasaraindia

Anna and Ashley focused and in the back Eugenie

blockprintingMignon, Eug and M-T blockprinting a second piece

tasara weaving centre, blockprinting

The results of Meg, Janna and little of my fabric




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Vacation time

On the last day my kids are enjoying their summervacation I will start writing again at my blog. sorry for being absent for such a long time, but  I had a stunning summertime.  On June 29th we left our house to go to India, the state Kerala and place Calicut/ Kozhikode. Planned to stay there for 5 weeks and particpate and teach in a textile event.

Inida travel, vacation

It was  for my family  the first time we were flying so long and far. So all of us were pretty excited

 Janna looks very happy she just got her food Meg was also happy :)


After flying for 6 hours we landed in Dubai. An amazing airport. (not that I have seen many but still)

Dubai Airport

detailContinued in another flight, trying to sleep as our night would be a short one. 3,5 hours difference between Netherlands and India.

 so flying for another 3 hours to Calicut we finally saw the coast!!

India, coast, Kerala

and now after adding all the suitcases on the roof we were ready to take off to the Tasara weaving centre in North Beyore a 40 minute drive.


Was good to be back there again :)  tomorrow more….


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