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1 m2 markt

The `One Square Meter Fair ` in Hasselt (B) was a really good one. After driving 40 minutes I was there and first person I recognised was Marta of the Dutch Etsy department. I continued and the third square meter was from Zsazsazsu. She makes wonderfull crochetted necklaces qand said: “I know you…… ” She is a blogfollower of mine and I also read her blog every now and then, Nice to meet in real  :) After a chat and a look  on the other meters we  (Janna and me) continued to the first floor.

There we saw Mitsy from Artmind, and Annemiek from Two Trees Belgium So nice to see you girls again, has been way too long .


In the next room I met Els Martens  from Pelskes Vilt also a great felter, whom makes a hat nearly every day. (whished I could felt every day too) .  All of a sudden I regocnised Roroism. She used to live in Stockholm  now in Luxemburg and I once ordered a green brooche for my friend in Sweden and she still remembered..  How funny was that?   My daughter really liked her earrings and welll….  we bought some.

After we admired all the goodied which were for sale, Janna wanted to try and do some sewing on a sewingmachine.

She had to cut the fabric,

Sew them together and well made a necklace :)

Now she  knows how to make a necklace like this, she wanted to sew at home too.

 ”Mummy I can sell them at Queensday !!”  She dived into  my pile of fabrics and,  at this time of writing, she has finished 2 already. I had to promiss her I would cut some more fabric for her so she can continue tomorrow :)

Note to myself, never take my daughter along again ;-)  She likes too many things, but I like supporting small, unique businesses rather than the huge shop companies  with standard  items so … I don’t mind now. She paid the headband with her own money so I hope she will be carefull with it .



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Busy days

This week is passing in high speed. I feel I am being lived, but I am not complaining. Wednesday we (all students and colleagues of the study: Bloem&Design” ) went to an International Plant Trademark Fair in Essen ( Germany) Saw many amazing things. Managed to get this plant for our school collection so the students can learn its name more easily. My students liked it very much and want to see if we can make more plants from it:

Plant Dischidia

Dischidia planted in a snail shell

Yesterday I went to Utrecht for a protest against the plans our minister of education has for the schools and teachers. Let’s hope it worked out like we were hoping. 22.000 teachers were there. At my journey back home I stopped in “s Hertogenbosch to visit the exhibition of the Dutch “Viltkontaktgroep” a felters group which exists for 20 years now and is growing. I took many many pictures, but don;t want to share them all here , you should go and see it for yourself ;-) here an impression:

viltkontaktgroep, expositie, kruithuis

viltkontaktgroep, expositie, kruithuis

felted clothings, made by various artist

viltkontaktgroep, expositie, kruithuis

viltkontaktgroep, expositie, kruithuis, den Bosch


If you are around go for a visit it is really worth it!!

Het Stok-Kruithuis, Citadellaan 7, 5211XA ‘s Hertogenbosch open from Wednesday till Sunday from 12.-17.h more info: or

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revieuw of a weekend

So last Sunday I was at the Communion Fashion Show from Ottelien a shop specialised in beautiful party cloths for children.  I set my table up at Saturday and decided to take a cable for electricity along for my notebook, just in case…

Ottelien, communion show, communiebeurs

The lady of the shop arranged the shows and room differently… to the sides were more tables with interesting things for a perfect communion day.

Ottelien, communiebeurs

I was there `to sell`my felting workshops as an entertainment activity at this Communion day to come. I showed all possibilities and even sold some trees ..

viltalakim, otteliens communionshow,

My friend Belinda fromBlinnies World was there too, with her self designed cards and cute products.


Next to me was a man,  whom had a catering business. He had cooked something really nice, a local kind of meat dish and made some heavenly petit fours and little cakes. I can really recommend him to you “Restaurant bij U thuis “

restaurantbijuthuis, viltalakim

Also a great photographer was present called Sjurlie:  her shots were just beautiful! I have no picture of her table, but I saw het photobooks just stunning!

viltalakim, kim Nijsten, felt

me behind my table  :)

Oh and on the other side of me was  woggel the  balloon artist l… he could make nearly everything with a balloon. Kids  (and adults) loved it a lot.

So that was my Sunday…. coming home at 18.00h, emptied the car and started getting everything back to its place… making new nice settings in my home..

viltalakim, vilt, felt, Filz, wol

 Monday was also a long working day at school with a try-out class to give and  a workshop at home in the evening.

viltalakim, vilt, workshop, engeltej wikkelen

Hope the rest of the week will be a little less “full” ;-) but I need to get myself prepared for the Pecha Kucha evening on Tuesday the 20th of December… . I’ll show 20 pictures and I can talk for 20 seconds per picture … Iecks Lot’s to practice as it also has to be in English…..

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Another Christmasfair

Yesterday afternoon I drove up to the International School in Maastricht. They held a winter fair and a friend of me works there as a teacher and asked if I was interested. As I am always into trying something new I said Yes.

I knew it wasn’t a huge fair, only 4 people selling things like books, book bags and cards, friendshipbooks, and the other tables were filled with things for a raffle and baked goodies made by students. Here´s my part of the table, only 1.40 wide..  left many items away, but it looked good don’t you think? It was really fun to be there as I had to talk English all the time and hearing all these different languages when parents spoke with their children. Made me feel like I was travelling again :)  And in the end it also was a good one for me . Again a little step closer to my goal of saving money for another trip to India with the 4 of us …

viltalakim, vilt, felt, wool, colorfull

and just before I left home I finished these wreaths:

viltalakim, wreath, krans, wol, vilt

for today I am going to build up my items at a communion fashion show, trying to get some appointments for children felting workshops… no hope on selling something, but just getting my name out….

Enjoy your weekend!




a Christmasfair

Yesterday I went to sell at  a German Christmas fair for the very first time.  I was somehow nervous, as what would the people like and buy? Although Germany and Belgium is very close to my place I noticed there are so many differences, habits and preferences. So men never can tell if my Dutch style items are selling there too……

I asked a friend to help me out, drove to her place in Belgium, crossed the border back to the NL and crossed the German border everything within 45 minutes. My parents were also kind enough to offer their help with setting up the table and came along This really helped me getting everything ready on time as I had to add lights to the table too as the fair was supposed to be from 13.ooh till 20.ooh in the evening.

This is how my table looked like during the day:

viltalakim, fair, Germany, filz, vilt, felt, wol, wool,

And when it got dark it got very cold but so nice:

viltalakim, fair, Germany, filz, vilt, felt, wol, wool,

viltalakim, fair, Germany, filz, vilt, felt, wol, wool,

viltalakim, fair, Germany, filz, vilt, felt, wol, wool,

I sold more then expected… (expected to sell nothing as there were only 10 stalls and nearly no crowd ) it was a great experience and next year I guess I’ll be there again :)


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