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A new place to sell my felt

Last week just before I went on a 4 days workweek with students, I walked into a new opened shop in the heart of the city Maastricht: Puur Maastricht on the markt 19. 

PUUR, viltalakim, shop, winkel, Maastricht, Vilt

Their concept is as follow: you can rent 12 m2 for 25 euro a day. When I walked in I wanted to ask if it was possible for me to sell my felts there for a few days in November and December. She, Anja, said sure, but why don;t you try it fisrt? she had a new concept and my sister whom was with me said: "Just go for it! Give it a try! " I got a lot of energy by taking this descision. My sister said , congrats with your second shop :)  :) (actually my 4th if you count together my online shop like Etsy and Dawanda  plus the other shop in Maastricht:  Crafts & co

So I picked up some of my feltings and took it to Puur. Dropped it there and left to prepare for the flowerparade workweek.

Boschstraat, Maastricht, Markt,
The Netherlands, Nederland

On the left side is the shop building (not seen on this picture) and this street is called Boschstraat. I love seeing the blossom fall off the trees, leaving behind some kind of shade. 

After these days with the students, I went back there today. It looked good, I hadn't sold anything jet, but reactions were good. 

viltalakim, puur, Maastricht, shop, winkel,

Little more of my felts is there .... but go and see for yourself ;-)

Opening hours:

Monday: 12:00 - 18:00h

Tuesday : 9:30- 18:00h

Wednesday:  9:30 - 18:00h

Thursday: 9:30 - 21:00h

Saturday: 9:30 - 17:00h

Sunday  : 12:00 - 17:00h

Markt 19 in Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Yes!! I am soo happy my last day before the vacation is here. I just got home, had dinner and thought this would be a perfect moment to update my blog. No I am not forgetting you,  my dear blogreaders... 2 weeks off  from now, Jippy!!

vergeet mij niet, forget me not, myosotis

 I am sad to tell due to visa application delay, Vasudevan cannot make it to my place before May7th...  But if he gets his SchengenVisa, we will immediately set up new dates. Now thinking of May 10th  10 mei, Monday eve May 13th, Tuesday eve May 14 th , Wednesday eve May 15th, Friday June 7th , Saturday 8th Sunday 9th plus some dates at the end of June and first week of Summervacation in July

So let me know what date you preferr and what  you would like to learn or do.

The next thing I'll be focussing on is the artfair in Sittard upcoming Tuesday April 30th, On our last Queensday. Got a great idea to make, not sure if I have enoug time to make a lot of them but let me see. 

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz, wol, bloem, flower, blume

Enjoy the springtime it is really amazing this year as winter stayed so long!!!

Meanwhile I am also busy with the next exhibition Vasudevan and me will participate: An exhibition with felting workshops ... 

expostitie, exhibition, workshops, felting, vilten, Belgium

In Kanne, Belgium, from May 9th , May 11th and 12th. Would be nice to meet you there!!

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a fair

Last Sunday I attempted for the second time a fair in Susterseel, Germany, only 20 minutes from my place. I descided not to cover the table roof with a sail as I was standing under trees and I thought it would be nicer. I kept doubting but after I started adding my felts on the table, I couldn;t change it anymore so it was like it was ;-)

viltalakim, fair, markt, vilt

It was a very nice super hot (30 C) after summer day, but that didn’t keep the public away . But for my wrap hats it was too warm I think sold only one :(  but good thing is I have some for the next fair .

viltalakim, wraphats, wikkelhoedjes, vilt, wol Oh and the lady whom organised it asked if I knew I was in the local paper last time I was there… ? Would have loved seeing the picture…

viltalakim, kim nijsten,  I think the most things I sold were these little acorns, perfect for this time of year

viltalakim, acorn, eikeltjes, vilt, feltI presented them different as normal and I think that worked better :)

viltalakim, vilt, eikeltjes,

Today we are celebrating Meg’s 11th Birthday, need to work in between :(  but hope the people whom visit wil wait for me :)




Artfair in Julich

For yesterday I had planned a visit to an artfair in Julich behind Aachen, in Germany. The special thing about this fair was that it were only ladies selling their handmade art/ crafts.  Ok, ok there were some man too, but I think supporting their wives and giving a hand, which was needed . Never saw such a crowded fair with so many stalls.

viltalakim, Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt

Now  a picture impression of the things I really liked, There were many more,but sometimes too crowded to take a proper picture and some didn’t want people to make pictures. I always ask permission as I always hope people do the same at my stall….

antje Bendfeldt, Handerkerinnenmarkt, JulichThese adorable ladies are made by Antje Bendfeldt  from Himmlische Unikate  and she uses Papier mache but so nicely done, they looked very heavy as if they were made from ceramics . Unbelievable it is made from paper and paint..

Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt, artfair, Germany, knopfsalat

Which one to choose???  Help. so many many beads and buttons and more.  I controlled  my self and only bought 4 :)  all made by 

handwerkerinnenmarkt, Julich And these handspun yarns were all made by Carla and Emmilie 

Julich,  handwerkerinnenmarkt, glasperlenwerkstatt

These glass beads were made by Karin Hoflich and I really like her way of presenting the beads

Finally but no least I also took a picture of the works and stall of Susanne Anemuller, I like what she makes and I have met her several times now.  Let’s hope I can sell at that fair next year too :)

Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt, Susanne Anemuller

About the city Julich itself it has an old Citadel, fortress next time I must take my husband along and he can pay that a visit :)

Citadel   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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Queensday in Sittard

So today my first fair from this year… And I must admit I was afraid I didn’t have enoug new things.. sold a lot last Christmas season and didn’t have time to make loads of new stuff  so far. Last Saturday and Sunday I managed to nuno felt 4 scarfs in one “rolling- go” and they came out great I think… hoping I would sell them today  but.. I still have them :)

viltalakim. nunofelt, vilt sjaals, scarfs, shawls, silk, Chiffon,  Will be uploaded soon in my etsy shop.

Back to the fair again. When my daughter and me arrived there we found out we were placed besides this beautyfull “Basiliek “church. The local marching and “schutterij” stopped in front of our  table to bring a serenade to all the people whom were decoreted with a medal of Honor by the Queen the day before.  We were so to say first rang audience :)

baseliek Sittard


just before the music came and many  visitors I managed to take this picture of my table,

viltalakim, Sittard

J. was joining me as she wanted to sell her selfsewn necklaces…. eager to sell :) she also made text boards in Dutch AND in English!!  ”You never know Daddy!! We also need English for the non Dutch people”…… oh and the word for “ketting” is  I know , I know!! wait wait… .. Necklace!! “

 She finally sold 3 necklaces , one to my husband ;-) .

She also took a picture of me at the end of the day with me felting a flower

viltalakim, kim nijsten. vilt, felt, filz

It was a super nice sunny day and I hope to be invited next year too .

Thanks to the organisation of Oranje Comitee Sittard


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