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Felting time ! yeah. I really love to teach the felting and yesterday was a nice day as 3 ladies came to learn how to felt a bag and afterwards shibori dye it. Luckily for me all of the ladies had several years of experience so i was able to learn them some more special additions on the bag. This workshop is suitable for beginners too, but  with the special additions it takes more time and we wil not get everything felted on time. 

First ofcourse starting with a self made resist, drawing and cutting. After that we started with felting a rope as handle, a button/ bead as closure. Then we took off with layering the white wool added the rope and closure bead too. 

In the end we added some glass stones, covered it again with wool and started felting. By that time it was lunch time so we all sat down for a nice fresh cooked soup and baked off bread.

 viltalakim, wokshop, vilten, felting, wol, wool, filzen, les

When they continued felting again I prepared the  first dye bath, which was going to be Yellow. Here the results of the white felted bags. 

viltalakim, felted, vilt, wol, wool, handmade, worskhop, white, wit

They became wrapped up like this: 


and into the dye...... left them there for some time, meanwhile we looked into my felting bookcollection. 

 verven, dyeing, viltalakim, wol, felt, vilt

And tadaa!! The result after the first dye bath

viltalakim, vilt, wol, felt, geverfd

and after the second bath : 


And after the third dyebath which was red they became like this: 

viltalakim, felting, vilten, worskhop, les, tas, shibori verven, handgemaakt

They were all very happy with their bags and I hope they wil send me a picture of their finished bags after they embroidied the glass beads.


I am having so much fun dyeing scarfs. I feel excited everytime i can finally open the scarfs. Wonder about how the result wil be and the colors. It keeps me surprising everytime. 

viltalakim, natuurlijk verven, natural dyeing, scarfs, silk

My little dye space outside on the floor next to the back entrance of our house. 

viltalakim, verven, textile, natural dyeing, shibori, scrafs, silk. zijde

The one on the left is already untied, the rest others stil patiently waiting 

viltalakim. sjaal, scarfs, silk

The results stil wet, (so little darker as when dried i think) wil take a picture after rinsing and drying again. 

viltalakim, scarfs, naturldyeing, plantaardig verven

and here in full length. The righter scarf has an a symmetric design: In the bottom part the rounds are in the middle and  on the top part at the sides. 

viltalakim, scarfs, natural dyed

the scarfs hanging "double" used Caesalpinia coriara and Terminalia chebula

and in full stretch: 

viltalakim, scarf, zijde sjaal, plantaardig geverfd

viltalakim. sjaal, zijde, verven

another one, used 2 different dyebaths 

viltalakim, natuurlijk verven, plataardig verven, natrual dye

and here the full collection  I made last weekend. One is sold already! If you are intersted in a scarf too , don;t hesitate to contact me,

The price is €29.50  each. 

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For last weekend I planned to do some natural dyeing as I had silk, and natural dyes from Vasudevan. I thought a quick job, but how wrong could I be?

First I cut and torn all the silk fabric I had then I sort of hemmed all the edges..... that took a lot of time, but I wanted to do so before dyeing. Unfortunately I couldn't find any silk sewing thread so I used cotton (which doesnot take color as fast as silk)

viltalakim, eucalypthus, dye

I made a new dyepot with dried Eucalypthus I had here laying ... After making this I read in the book form India Flint. I better should have left it soaking in cold water first for a night....  but this worked too. I cut the stems and leaves and let them heat up to 80 degrees for an hour , added very little vinger to it as the water might be not neutral here in my region. Then I used a netting over another pot  to get all the plant material out of the dye. 

viltalakim, natural dyeing, Eucalypthus

Emptied the used pot and added again a net and added the dyewater back in the pot used.  Then I added the scarf let it simmer for one hour and then I turned it off and let it cooled down. 

Lily of the Valley leaves, Solidago, viltalakim

I picked some Convallaria majalis ( Lily of the Valley)  leaves, and also some Solidago, I want a yellow / greenish dyebath and also want to see the difference between the two. The Covallaria bath was used with one scarf which I simmered first and then let cool down during the night... the result wasn't green, but soft yellow. I dipped it in the red dye and left it there during the day. 

viltalakim geel

The other dye baths were already made by Vasudevan for the workshop in June here. One was made with Pathimugam = Ceasalpinia coriaria and was first orange but after adding  alum as mordant it got dark orange, 

The other dye was giving me a grey color  coming from:  Terminalia chebula 

These natural resources are also used as intaking medicins in the Ayurveda (ancient Indian school of medicine) treatments.

Well time to show off some scarfs, I used chiffon silk and ponge silk

Before and after I dipped them in the dye for at least half an hour the scrafs looked like this: 

viltalakim ,

and after drying and opening them:

viltalakim. naturaldyeing, verven, silk, zijde


after dyeing in Terminalia chebula 


a mixed dip in Caesalpinia coriaria with and without mordant same like the other 2 below this text.


viltalakim, natural dyeing

After dyeing in Caesalpinia coriaria

 viltalakim, sjaal

After dyeing  in the  Eucalypthusbath

 viltalakim sjaal

A combinattion in two dyebaths

 viltalakim, natural deying  

A nice collection so far.....

viltalakim, silk, zijde, verven, plantaardig

This was the last scarf in this session...  I stil have plenty of dyes, I need to buy new silk.... 

viltalakim, dyepots, dyebaths, solidago , verven

My dye space is outside using one electrical pit.

One is sold already :) and maybee one more to go 

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Yesterday eve I finally dyed my white dress, for the flower parade I wil attemp at the end of this week. The theme is "flower power" and that fits perfectly to this tie-dye technique I think. 

So I bundled glassstone stars in it, tied it all and started dyeing..... hoping all the materials in this dress would absorb  the colors. 

Last picture is not a very good one, but wil make a better one later on the day

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Special textile event!!

TASARA On Tour in Europe

viltalakim, tasaraindia, vasudevan, screenprinting

Eind april  begin mei in de voorjaarsvakantie komt dhr. Vasudevan van het Tasara weaving centre, Calicut, India
in Bunde textiele verfworkshops geven.

26 april:                                                Zeefdrukken op katoen
26 april avond, 27 april hele dag:     Multicolorbatik
28 april:                                               Shibori op zijdestof
29 april:                                               Blokprinting
1 mei:                                                  Tas vilten met tie-dye

Meer info via  tel: 043-3649825 of 06-38312343
mail: site:

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