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As promised I show you the wand when it is finished..  In my previouspost you can see how to make a wand like this too.

I added some embroidery, beads and bells to it and my daughter just loves it.

viltalakim, felted, wetfelt, vilt, vilten, wol, kralen, staf

staf, wand, wetfelted, felt, vilt, viltalakim, wool, wol,


wetfelt, felted, vilt, vilten, viltalakim, embroidery,



Two happy daughters…. one in her costume of the local yought carnaval guard the other in her ice/ princess dress


It was a long time since I shared a tutorial with you, didn’t I?  Well Saturday evening I got an idea to felt something for my daughter’s carnaval outfit.. but now energy left to make it so I started on Sunday morning getting some help and suggestions from my daughter. So sweet!!

First start with gathering everything you’ll need:

viltalakim, vilten ,zelf doen, diy, benodigheden

  • some wool  roving and fleece  (not on the picture)
  • some soap,
  • Styropor ball
  • clingfilm (plastic to cover food)
  • little beads
  • wooden stick/ dowel,
  • sewing thread,
  • sewing needle (thin enough to go though the beads)
  • knife, garden scissor,
  • Drilling Machine (not on picture)
  • cotton towel (not on picture)
  • something to place the wand in when you are felting (not on picture)
  • Bowl with water

Step 1. I used the garden scissors to cut the piece  of wood in the desired length and one end needed to have a point so I used my knife to make a point at it.


Step 2. Take a cotton towel/ piece of fabric and layer out 4 layers, cross wised . I made the towel wet with cold water only( but I think next time I’d do it on a dry towel. ) , placed the stick onto the wool and started rolling it up very slowly. Note: the first layer of wool it the color you will see on the stick…

viltalakim, wetfelt, vilt, stok, stick, wool, fibres, wol, felted

Step 3. The wool now needs to be felted so start trolling it till the end of the towel, pick it up and place the stick closer to you . If you roll the stick up and down your wool will be rolled up and off the stick, that is not what you want ;-) make sure you will not cover up the pointed end

viltalakim, wetfelted, felt, vilt, gevilt, stok, wol, natvilten

Step 4. Now our styropor ball need to get a hole for the stick. There for I used a drilling machine, about 2-2 cm  (0,8 to 1,2 inch) is deep enough. Press the ball firmly onto the stick .

viltalakim, drilling a hole,

Step 5. Cover up the whole ball with wool fleece. I used this different carded wool (fleece ) as I think it will stay on the ball easier than the roving. after applying the wool crosswise, just press it with your hands

viltalakim, wol, wool, fleece, wetfelting, felted, gevilt

Step6. Add a some wool roving over it if you want. My daughter loved this color more than the light blue, so we covered it up :)   pressing it down again with our hands.

viltalakim, wetfelt, natvilten, vilten,vilt, felt, felted, wool, wol, ball

Step7. This step didn’t really turn out great for me , I would advise you to skip this one ;-) but I’ll tell you what I did. I thought I would be quicker to add the beads to a thread, add them onto the wool, cover it up again with a thin layer of wool, felt it and see the beads again… but…. see at step 14 later…  on the picture before adding  the last layer

viltalakim,vilten, wetfelting, felt, wool

Step 8. Make this wool carefully wet with soapy water and foam and starts massaging very very gently… the wool will slide to the bottom of it due to the weight of the wet water, but keep on felting on the wool and in the end it will be tight around the ball.

viltalakim, wetfelted, natvilten, vilten, vilt, felt, Filz

Step 9. When you feel the wool is turning into felt and gets tight around the ball you need a piece of clingfilm/ plastic to cover this top of the ball..

DIY, Viltalakim, wetfelt, vilten, wol, wool, felting

Step 10. Now cover this ball up with some roving. I just splitted the roving and added it from one bottom side to the other. Make sure the wool is nice and even everywhere. On the picture covering in progress

DIY,viltalakim,wetfelted, felted, vilt, gevilt, wol, wool, zelfmaken, wand

Step 11. When the ball is covered up nicely, make sure you’ll add some extra around the stick it will probably look like this:

DIY, viltalakim, wand, wetfelting, ball, vilten

Step 12. Press the wool down with dry hands and start adding water and soap. Massaging again..  on the picture how it looked after felting for a while

DIY, viltalakim, wetffelting, felted, vilten, vilt, wol, bal, wool, Filz

Step 13. When this wool cannot be moved around the styropor ball anymore it is time to cut into the white felt. Oh exciting!! be careful not to cut through the plastic!! You don;t want to cut into the blue wool

viltalakim, vilten, felting, wetfelt, natvilten, DIY

Step 14. After asking my daughter I decided to cut it open  a little more and removing the plastic. You can already see step 7 isn’t looking as nice as expected , bummer :(

viltalakim, felted, felt, vilten, wet, nat, DIY, zelf maken

Step 15. The last step is to felt the “petals” so the cutted edges are looking nice too. Rinse the whole stick with ball and dry in a towel.

viltalakim, felted, vilten, vilt, DIY, felt, Filz, wool

This was how it looked like seen from the side. I added some bigger beads to it and will add some more embroidery to it so the finished result will be shown here on Thursday, OK?

Enjoy and lots of success when you give this a try!! Oh and please leave a comment I love to hear back from you!!

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On request I´ll upload a link here to  a previous post on how to make felted acorns. Just click on the picture and find the step , by step instructions with clear pictures....

viltalakim, acorns, felt, needle felting, naaldvilt

The weather is good enoug to be creative inside the house these days Autumn really is here in the Netherlands

Oh and I love to see what your results are :)

If you aslo want to buy such an  easy kit with 11 colors in and enough wool to fill the 33 acorncaps  and 2 felting needles you can check my shop:

my supply shop at Etsy

or my shop at Dawanda


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The Merry go round group it is a group of artists/crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little about their lives and art. We are group of 11 women from all over the world and are creative with different materials.

 For this last Friday of September we are sharing a Do- it- yourself  tutorial.

Mine is about making a Christmas decoration.. Yes I know I am early, but I know men can never be too early with start making things, our time will get busier till Christmas , hihihi So here it goes,

What you’ll need is some (merino) wool roving, soap, (any kind will do), bubble wrap, towels, (hot )water

viltalakim, star. ster, wol, vilt, zelfdoen,

things you'll need Open up the bubble wrap and divide the roving into 3 or 4 lines.divide the roving

then layer, star like, 4 lines of roving about 23 cm  or 8.97 inch long looking like this:

viltalakim, vilten, felting, filzen, wool, vilt, felt,

next step is to add a second line of wool on top of it all, so your star will be thicker as after wetting the wool will be thinner . Tip make more stars in one go, the rolling time will be the same .

viltalakim, tutorial, star felting, vilten, wool, vilt, filz

 now you need to make the wool wet with soap and water..  just take the soap in your hands and let the foam drip on the wool.

viltalakim, vilten, felting, wetting, wool, wol, filz

make sure the wool is totally wet

 add a second piece of bubble wrap and press the wool down.

viltalakim, vilten, felting, wool, felt, filz, tova, star, ster

now roll up everything

viltalakim, vilten, felting, felt, vilt, wool, ster

use a towel to prevent your roll from slipping all the time, You now need to roll the bundle for about 50 times

viltalakim, vilten, felting, wool, wol, felt

a towel also helps to absorb the water

so after the 50 times , open the bundle and carefully check if your wool needs some more water, wet it  and roll it again, but in an opposite direction… 

viltalakim, ster, star, vilten, felting, wool,

roll it to all 4 sides

when you have done all 4 sides and the 4 backsides too, you can open it up and start to “kneed” them  without the bubble wrap. the felting process will speed up a little when you use some boiling water , but be careful with your hands !! Use the bubble wrap or wait a few seconds…

viltalakim, felting, vilten, ster, star

viltalakim, felting, vilten, DIY, sta,r ster

now keep on, rubbing. massaging, felting the star till it will be stiff. Then rinse out the soapy water,  dry in a towel and use a dowel or a roller to flatten the star on a dry towel.

viltalakim, ster, star, felting, vilten, wol, wool, filz

flatten the stars by rolling over it

A last step before letting them dry in the sun, is pulling the ends, opposite to eachother . You can even sew on some beads or glittery things , but for now I’ll just leave the like they are now.

Have fun making and enjoy them!!

viltalakim, star, ster, vilten, felting, felt, vilt, filz, wool, wol,


as  decoration in a christmas tree…. :

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz, ster, star

I was never sooo early with any Christmas decoration :)

 I really hope you’ll visit the rest of the merry- go rounders too!!

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A  happy weekend, all!

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Well for today I will notbe felting, too busy with things at my work in the last 2 weeks before the summer vacation starts (lasts 7 weeks jippie!!) so no pictures from my space, but I was a a workshop this week and learned how to make a book. Roderique Kohnen from the “Vrije Akademie ZOM” gave this workshop. He told about how he learned it himself from an old monk in a monestry close to his house. His instructions were very clear and my daughter and me really enjoyed ourselves sewing and glue-ing a book. I made pictures during the process so have a look :


the supplies



ready for the next part... sewing

front page and last pages are different as they will be glued to the cover

sewed and secured with 2 little pieces

now all the pages are glued and secured

the special first page glued to the cover

the name of the blue edge is "capital"

ready to be decorated and used....

I also got a instruction poster and tip on supplies which can be found on the internet:


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