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This post wil be a step to step Do It Yourself tutorial on how to make a flower wristlet for  your Prom evening or wedding or any other party. 

What you wil need: 


Knife, garden scissors, Wire cutter, special floristy glue (this glue can be bought throught me if you cannot find it in your area, just contact me )


few fres flowers of the desired color

small leaves

ribbon, Florsity wire thickness 0.9 mm or 1,0 mm


viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

Step one: 

Bend the wire in a shape like this and cut off  tape to add over it: 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

Cover both sides, but make sure the corners are uncovered as at these points the ribbon for attching the corsage to the writs wil be attached. 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

Next step is to sort out the leaves I wanted same seized ones, to get a nicer result. This is glue specially invented for fresh flowers and leaves. It wil not burn the leaves or flowers like a gluegun would.  Tip: When you first glue all your leaves  before actually adding them. The first leave with glue is already little dry and it wil stay better. 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

start working from boths ends towards the middle 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

top side is finished and makes a nice base for the flowers

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

but the backside also need some attention. It is not good when you can see how it is made.  So cover that side too, either with leaves or even fabric if you want. Just make sure you use materials which don't itch or give an allergic reaction.

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

the back side is covered with bigger leaves

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

Now bend it over in the shape it wil need to have when completely finished. If I wouldn't do so, you might end up with uncovered parts after bending. 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

I added a big dot of glue on the paper and dipped my flowers  (Gypshophilla) in there before adding it to where i want to have it. 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

I made sure the middle has more "volume" as the sides 

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

seen from the side

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

Adding more and more flowers. The Gypshopu\illa makes it easy for the flowers to attach and stay upwards

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

The ribbons also needs to be attached, find the spot where you can see the bended wire, put the ribbon through . You can also add the ribbon before you start glueing, but the risk some glue ends up on the ribbon is heigh ;-)  

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

now it only needs a nice tie and ready!!

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

viltalakim, DIY , flowercorsage, Polscorsage, wristlet, floristy

If you make it hald a day before you actually need it, best place to store it til the moment supreme is in a fridge. put it in a  plastic bag and add it in your vegatable storage place of the fridge around 8-10 degrees C is fine. 

Enjoy the compliments you wil surely get!! 

This idea can also be made for a piece in your hair. Leave it flat instead of bending it and use pins throught the bedned places instaed of ribbon.

Hope to see your results, please send me a picture : viltk{at} 

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Today I felt like sharing how to make a floral cake- like arrangement. My students really enjoyed themselves while making it yesterday, And I was anxcious to make one myself too. 

Here is the material list you need: 

  • leaves which can dry in nicely. Like Eucalypthus, Buxus, Gaultheria shallon
  • Gypsophila or other small flowers
  • a Rose or CHrysanthemum, Germini, Ranunculus
  • piece of floral foam in a round shape (you can also cut it out of a block) mine was about 8 cm weide
  • piece of plastic
  • rubberband
  • needles, 
  • scissor
  • knife
  • ribbons
  • beads

viltalakim, bloementaarjte maken

First you get the floral foam wet, so the flowers will last longer. Then take a piece of plastic and cover the bottom and sides. By using rubberband/ elastic it will stay around the foam. 

viltalakim, taartjes, cake 

Cut off the plastic  which comes above the foam. It is not nice to see that.


Then rip off the leaves form the stem. Eucalylthus can be easily ripped off when you move your hand upwards. when you have leaves with stems then prepare the leaves by cutting off the stems.

Add a leaf heigher as the edge and fasten it with a needle. The next one will be overlapping. Finish the row, make sure you use the same seized leaves and the top is evenly heigh. 


Then  add row 2


row 3,

row 4

viltalakim, taartje

row 5 and 6 till you are done....

now time to cover the foam from the top. I used Gypsophilla as it will dry in too. Make sure you use enoug as when flowers dry they will shrink and it is not good when you can see the foam then. I cut them very short  so it hides the foam easily. 

viltalakim, gipskruid viltalakim, gipskruid , taartje

In the middle I added a Rose, you can also use other flowers , it is up to you. 

roos, viltalakim, taartje

now the decoration part: I added ribbons and as I was alone and the knot kept slipping I fastened it with a needle too. Added a bead to it and small beads in the Gypsophila and around the bottom row. 

viltalakim, bloementaartje

Hope you will enjoy making it yourself ! 

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Every day I drive to my work in Heerlen I admire all the colors of the leaves from the trees. Each time a new season starts I first need to adjust but then I believe it is the best thing to happen. Do you know that feeling too ?

Yesterday I sorted some leaves out  from the Cotinus coggria : Royal Purple" I couldn't resist doing so.... What do you think?

 Cotinus leaves

I made a "feston/ guirlande with the students too. This is my finished example, made with findings out of nature.

How to make one :

Start with adding a longer stem from ironwire to the berries and all which has a short stem. After these preparations you take a piece of rope (as long as you want) Adjust the wire to the rope and take a few leaves and berries etc place them around the rope and  fasten them with the ironwire, leaving the wire attachted, take some new materials you want to adjust to the rope. 

viltalakim, floristy

Covering the previous adjusted leaves and wire. It will be like a roofs tiles.... continue this for as long as you want the piece to be. At the end just fasten the wire off to itself and made a knot in the rope. Cover the last part of the wire and stems with a ribbon or wool or whatever you like.

In case you hang it ouside it will not stay longer fresh as inside.

Enjoy Autumn!!

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I want to announce a very Interesting Textile workshops event:

tasara weaving centre, monsoon workshops


A residential workshop exploring a variety of weaving and surface-design techniques, in a secluded, family-run setting. Experience India’s legendary monsoon season in a place with year-round mild temperatures on Kerala’s green coast.

Techniques include handweaving, natural dyeing, shibori, multicolour batik, wood block printing, silk screen printing, felting, tie and dye, etc. Instruction will be provided 5 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Four-week residencies are offered during the workshop session which will run from 1 July (Sunday) to 15 August (Wednesday) 2012. The fee for a four-week residency will be 900 Euros per person, double occupancy, or 1200 Euros single occupancy. The fee covers tuition and basic workshop materials, accommodation in a spacious guest house, and all meals, including breakfast and dinner of south Indian cooking and self-catered lunch.

shibori, tasara, India, Textile event

For more information and to register, please contact by March._26th.

Confirmation of your registration by payment of 50% of the fee will be due by _30th April.
Registration is limited to 10 participants
Web page:
Youtube: Tasara weaving centre
Skype: vasudevantasara1

I have been there last year and I can really recommend it to anyone. It will be an experience for life time. Hope to be able to go back there soon

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I know it is Tuesday today but unfortunately so many things happened last week I wasn again not able to complete the stitch I’ll try to get on track soon I promise…

Last Sunday I was at a music concourse, my oldest had to play in front of a jury  and thought why don;t I take something along to do?  not a difficult question as I just found this tutorial:

crochetting a simple  flower  / bloemetje haken

So I started crocheting and look at the result… I think 17  were made while I listened to the different performances.

viltalakim, bloemetjes, haken, crocheting, flowers

Today I went to Amsterdam to a stadion called  the “Arena”  a strike was organised there 50.000 teachers were there. 550 buses from all places of the country drove to it… I sat more hours in the bus than in that Arena, but it was all for a good case: trying to stop the plans of  our minister of education .. On our way back we sadly heard on the radio she still thinks here plans will be super and better for the education :(  I would love to take her along for a week in our job….

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