Artfair in Julich

For yesterday I had planned a visit to an artfair in Julich behind Aachen, in Germany. The special thing about this fair was that it were only ladies selling their handmade art/ crafts.  Ok, ok there were some man too, but I think supporting their wives and giving a hand, which was needed . Never saw such a crowded fair with so many stalls.

viltalakim, Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt

Now  a picture impression of the things I really liked, There were many more,but sometimes too crowded to take a proper picture and some didn’t want people to make pictures. I always ask permission as I always hope people do the same at my stall….

antje Bendfeldt, Handerkerinnenmarkt, JulichThese adorable ladies are made by Antje Bendfeldt  from Himmlische Unikate  and she uses Papier mache but so nicely done, they looked very heavy as if they were made from ceramics . Unbelievable it is made from paper and paint..

Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt, artfair, Germany, knopfsalat

Which one to choose???  Help. so many many beads and buttons and more.  I controlled  my self and only bought 4 :)  all made by www.knopfsalat.de 

handwerkerinnenmarkt, Julich And these handspun yarns were all made by Carla and Emmilie 

Julich,  handwerkerinnenmarkt, glasperlenwerkstatt

These glass beads were made by Karin Hoflich and I really like her way of presenting the beads

Finally but no least I also took a picture of the works and stall of Susanne Anemuller, I like what she makes and I have met her several times now.  Let’s hope I can sell at that fair next year too :)

Julich, handwerkerinnenmarkt, Susanne Anemuller

About the city Julich itself it has an old Citadel, fortress next time I must take my husband along and he can pay that a visit :)

Citadel   Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

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2 Comments for Artfair in Julich

Antje | June 17, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Hi Kim,this is a nice text about the market. Thank you, I am the mother of the paper mache girls: ))

Author comment by Kim | June 17, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Hi Antje, You are welcome :)

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