angels for peace

I am really into angels lately I guess you know already :) it is quite addictive to make them and as i have soo many colors wool it is very tempting to make at least 4 of each color, but i run out of wings again :(  I hope they will help to get peace in the middle east. 

viltalakim. angel, engel,

I have many fairs upcoming time

  • first one is  on Saturday November 24th  11- 15 h.  

Bernard Lievegoed School, Leuvenlaan 35,  6229 GX Maastricht (NL)

  • Sunday December 2nd : 10-18h

Kreazility , scheepvaartKaai 16, 3500 Hasselt (B)

  • Friday  December 7th : 17.30-20.30

United World College Maastricht, nijverheidsweg 25a, 6227AL Maastricht (NL) 

  • Saturday December 8th: 11-17h 

het Gemeenschapshuis  Op de Wijenberg 11 te Mariarade – Hoensbroek (NL) 

  • Sunday December 9th: 11-18h 

Der Gaststätte zur Bahn in Süsterseel. (G) 

  • Friday December 14th: 14-16h

Christmas fair Campagne Medoclaan 66,6213 EC Maastricht (NL) 

  • Sunday December 16th  13-17h

Christmasfair Klevarie Polvertorenstraat 6, 6211 LX Maastricht (NL)  

viltalakim, engeltjes, angels, wings, wol, wool

As I didn't have anything to hang them on, I remembered having some little hooks somewhere...  and a piece of wood which my kids painted once...... What do you think?

viltalakim, engel, angel, wool, wol,   

White, and yellows

viltalakim, engel, angel, wool, wol,

yellows, to reds

viltalakim, engel, angel, wool, wol,

purples to green

viltalakim, engel, angel, wool, wol,   

What do you think will they be enoug for all the fairs or??  

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2 Comments for angels for peace

Ginny Huber | November 21, 2012 at 6:11 pm

What sweet and colorful angels! I am sure they will be it will be hard to know if you’ll have enough for all those fairs!! hope so..Good luck and keep warm!

Andrea from ziezo | November 21, 2012 at 8:44 pm

Ze zien er mooi uit met z’n allen!

Ik heb dit weekend voor het eerst een engel gemaakt en zie helemaal hoe dit verslavend kan zijn.

Succes op alle markten!

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